[H] 🥂 <Blurry When Raiding> 10/10H is recruiting dps


“Blurry When Raiding” is 10/10 in heroic Castle Nathria.

We focus on clearing normal and heroic raids while current. We aim to get things done and progress while keeping raids relaxed and enjoyable. We want to create an environment where people respect each other, are friendly and considerate towards each other. We expect our members to put effort into their gear, learn their class and raid encounters. More importantly, we expect people to bring a positive attitude.

Our guild also does mythic+, occasionally some pvp and alt raids.


We are looking for ranged dps, especially mage, hunter, moonkin, warlock.

You will need to be above 200 ilvl and know tactics for all bosses.

We use Discord and we expect everyone to be able to listen.

Raiding Times

We raid two days per week:

Thursday 20:30-23:00

Sunday 20:00-22:30


If you are interested in joining or would like to talk, please contact:

Neptune#22651 or
on Battlenet

Currently we still have open spots for our raiding team.

We are looking for more ranged dps to add to our team. Now that we have heroic on farm, we continue to clear it weekly for fun and to gear up some alts. We might try mythic if we have 20 people for it, but it is not a priority.

Still looking for players who wish to engage in both raiding and m+.