[H] BM Hunter looking for a Guild

(Rhiánnón) #1

Hello! I am a BM Hunter currently 370 i level looking for a new home. I am currently on Draenor but finding it tough to get that correct Guild. Raiding wise i am only 3/8 HC Uldir so i would be looking for something close to this. Raid days have to be from Tuesday to Friday inclusive due to work commitments. Also i am not interested in Mythic Raiding. The Social aspect of the Guild is also a big thing, be it talking on Discord or in Guildchat. Please reply here or add me on Rhiannon #21536.


Check us out

(Báine) #3

Hey mate, you can check us out on below link:

(Rhiánnón) #4

Thank you for the reply but i cannot do Mondays due to work.


is this hord only??