(H)Bravado New Guild recruiting

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Guild Name: Bravado

Realm: Tarren Mill

Raid days: Wednesdays, Sundays with Mondays as an optional day for progress.

Raid times: 20:15 - 23:00

Current progress: 0/0: the guild was founded in December 2018.

Direction of the guild
I am currently a one man band who has been playing WoW since 2006. I have always been an eager heroic / mythic raider. I served as an officer for the past two years in a guild and for the last few months, I was the guild master. We as a guild decided to try out a new adventure and we went to the Alliance side. I came back, because Horde is in my blood. Since my return, I have been searching for a guild that has my best interests at heart and a non-toxic environment, but no luck. This is when Bravado was founded. i currently do not have any raiding experience on this expansion and if you want to join this guild, you also do not need any experience.

What you can expect
You can expect a guild master that is always prepared, on time and whose dark humor follows him everywhere. A place where you can make mistakes, where we learn together and have fun. We will also push for progress, but all in good time.

What is expected from you
To be in time and prepared for raids. A massive meme collection is a must.

On last thing …
I believe it is always easier to work with someone who is always prepared to learn new things - I am learning each day.

Contact details

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