[H] Brewmaster looking for Mythic Guild


Hello there! I am currently looking for a new guild with a focus on Mythic progression. I consider myself a focused, mature and a generally friendly player. In the past, I have raided Mythic as an Elemental Shaman and an Affliction Warlock on quite respectable levels, but I am now looking to use and apply my skills elsewhere. I am currently playing and gearing a Brewmaster Monk and although I have never tanked a raid before (it looks bad, I am aware), I have substantial raiding experience that I can utilise and I always try to be up to date with the latest news and changes.
A server transfer can be discussed, a faction change can not.
If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact me:
Bnet: Squishy#2663
Discord: Squishy#8447


H Neena, is a Mythic guild looking for a tank and rDPS for its raid team on Draenor. We also run M+ on off nights and are needing more players for our mythic raid team. We are a mature guild and well established, if you would like to consider our guild please see below info.

Our Raid times are 21:00-00:00 and Wed, Thurs & Sunday and our guild recruitment post is here [H Draenor] T H U N D E R - Late evening raiders - need dps. Please contact Narce [Adda6#2711] if you’d like to find out more about us.