[H] Broken Eclipse recruiting Tank

Broken Eclipse are on the look out for new tanks (preferably with offspec but not essential). We are a long established social raiding guild on Emerald Dream/Terenas who currently run two HC raiding teams on a Monday and Wednesday evenings (8pm to 11pm server time). We are currently 5/9 HC.

If you would like any further information or would like to join, then please contact us ingame Resü#2177 or murph87#2291

I would have liked to have joined, but I hope your guild is still going strong.

Hey Davidxii, thanks for messaging, and sorry for the delay replying on the forum, I’ve been on my holidays, but the guild is still going strong! Jaina succumbed to us this week on HC. I see you are not horde side, but if you wanted to join on a new alt then you should know that we accept alts and happily help people on their levelling adventures!

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