[H] <Brotherhood öf the Wolf> 10/10HC is recruiting for 9.2

<Brotherhood of the Wolf> was the oldest Alliance raiding guild on Stormreaver. We have been raiding since 2005 and have always made decent progress each expansion despite all challenges facing alliance players in the last number of years. We’ve been on Stormreaver from the start and we have now moved over to Horde to continue progressing.

Our goal is to get Ahead of the Curve every raid tier and so far we have always accomplished that. We are looking for people who share the same goals as ours.

We are looking for additional players for 9.2. All roles will be considered but we are particularly interested in a tank and a healer/dps hybrid.

Raid Days

Wednesday 19.00 - 23.00 ST
Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 ST

<Brotherhood of the Wolf> will be perfect for anyone who wants to raid and experience end game content but pursue other interests/commitments outside of WoW.

We also accept socials in our guild.

We’re a friendly guild with a laid back atmosphere that is full of experienced players. If you or a bunch of your friends are looking for a new home then drop a response, throw us an in-game mail/ whisper or add the Battletag of the officer mentioned below.

BattleTag: Souw#21821

For the Horde!

  • If you want to check our previous progress, please look at


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