[H] Brotherhood of Steel is recruiting for Sepulcher of the First Ones

We are an english speaking international guild ( norwegian, dutch, greek, swedish, fins, south african, hungarians, jordanians, romanians, bulgarian, american, japanese and more ) and we are welcoming new blood!

We are always open for high quality applications from any class/role. Currently looking for:

  • Flexible DPSers
  • Flexible Healers

Alts: you are asked to have one geared alt in the first raid, we’ll help with gearing it

Raid times: (GMT+1)

Wednesday- 19:45 - 22:15 (Server time)
Sunday- 19:45 - 22:15 (Server time)
Monday- 19:45 - 22:15 (Server time) ( only if our weekly goals haven’t been met )

Main Team (Mandalorians): https://raider.io/guilds/eu/agamaggan/The%20Brotherhood%20of%20Steel/roster#mode=mythic_raiders

If you have any questions please contact Stormragê-Agamaggan in game.

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