[H] BURNT - recruiting

Burnt are seeking like-minded players to compliment our raiding roster. Formed at the start of Classic, Burnt has become one of the top raiding guilds on Mirage Raceway, but kept the social environment as well.

We are currently preparing for AQ progress and are aiming to clear content in a serious manner, but also in a relaxed environment. The guild will support it’s raiders throughout the preparation and progression periods, providing some consumables and detailed tactical instructions.

Our current progress: BWL 8/8

Our raiding schedule: Wednesday and Monday (Farm), Thursday (Progress) 19.30-23.00 server time (first pull at 20.00).

What kind of players are we after? When joining Burnt, you are not only joining a raiding guild, you are joining a community, focused on progression. Working together, we ensure nobody is left behind or excluded.

What do we expect from our members? To have a thorough understanding of their class and role within the team, come prepared for progression fights with the correct consumables, and be on time or let us know where you may be delayed.

Current Recruitment:

  • Rogues
  • Warriors
  • Holy priests (Holy+Shadow)

NEW : we want to talk with groups of players of guilds that not have enough in the roster to raid, for main raid and for friday raid.

If your class is not listed but you feel you could play a part in our future, we would welcome your application. We also invite socials that want to raid 1 day/week, usually friday.

To apply to join our community, you can either join our discord server, discord.gg/yxexcKA or contact one of our officers ingame (Zam, Harambay or Endaline).

Now looking for a hunter.

Still looking for 1 Hunter and 1 Rogue

Still searching for a Hunter and a Rogue, get in touch if you would like to chat.

Hunter + Rogue are still needed :slight_smile: We know you are there, come have a chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Bumping this one

Bumping up!

Bumping this.

Bumped some classes needed.

Bumped! :smiley:

Still need a few melees and 2 priests (holy+shadow)

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