{H} Bye felicia 10/10 hc

Bye Felicia 10/10 Heroic are looking for more members too join us in 9.1

Friday 21:30 St till 00:00 ST (Heroic)
Saturday 21:30 St till 00:00 St (Heroic)

We raid with a 10 min break half way thro

Raid wise we are looking for Healers and DPS (DPS with up to date heal OS Will be amazing)

This is not a place for people with an elitist attitude!! We do expect you to expect wipes and expect you too learn from mistakes that u make on progress. As much as we are chill no one likes too be stuck on a boss for multiple days because of the same mistakes being made over and over

We are also welcoming to socials who may want to venture into raiding or just want to chill out in discord and talk rubbish for a good few hours!

Too talk about a raid spot Please DM Metagross#7016 - Discord or Spanner#2299 - battle net (Don’t check my personal progress i cant stand SL but i enjoy RL from discord stream) :stuck_out_tongue:

To join on a social base too start Please message anyone in the guild who will direct an invite you way!

We understand family and work is important so are very forgiving too people with these commitments

We also have a lil bunch of FFXIV fanbois /D3 and will be looking at lost ark if thats your thing!

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