[H] <Candy Pants> Stormscale. Recruiting for raid/M+

We’re a pretty relaxed group focused on obtaining Ahead of the curve and clearing early mythic bosses in a reasonable time frame. We don’t plan on progression raiding deep into a tier. Outside of raiding we have keen interest in M+ and have groups running most evenings.

We’re looking for like minded players to help build a solid reliable roster, you don’t have to be an orange logging monster but do we expect you to pull your weight in group content.

Our core compromises of a small group of veteran players with multinational origins, aging from 20 -40. We’re fairly casual but but that doesn’t mean we don’t get !@#$ done!

Our raid Times (server time):

Monday - 19.45 -23.00
Weds - 19.45 -23.00

If you’d like to discus joining the Candy pants family you can speak to me in game via Bnet: Novella#2368

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