(H) Casual guild lf more raiders

Still in progress raid group (Union) are recruiting able and active players, who want to experience raiding with a laidback but efficient approach towards the game.
We have conquered Molten Core and defeated Nefarian. We’re gathering like minded people towards crushing Ahn’Qiraj and after that cleansing the plague by destroying Lord of Naxxramas.

What we can offer:

  • Two regular raid teams making alting in previous raid tiers easier
  • No speed running :grinning:
  • No great hassle with preparation: we only ask for basics to get the job done
  • Only repair bill cost, no crowdfunding of any kind
  • Active guild roster
  • Loot distribution with a transparent LC every question will be answered

What we expect from you:

  • Pre-raid bis
  • Active
  • Matured
  • Common sense and at least basic knowledge of the game

Looking to recruit mostly:
2x Rogues
1x Fury warrior
1x Resto Shaman
1x Resto Druid

Raid times:
Wednesday 19.15-22.30
Thursday 19.15-22.30

Loot system: LC with wishlist

For more information message Jhenin#4793, Harrow#6872 or Ragnarock#7950

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