[H] Casual Heroic Raiding Guild (7/8) <Sudden Wipe> Recruiting

About Sudden Wipe

We are yet another group of friends in our 30s+ who happen to enjoy playing World of Warcraft together. Some of us go back over 10 years, others joined our group along the way and became dear to us. We can’t get warm with the idea of a “tier guild” that dies as soon as the tier is cleared, or that doesn’t make it into the next expansion. Instead, we were hoping to find a guild that still ran like "back in the day”, where people enjoy hanging out on discord, run dungeons together, share memorable experiences and nerd screams in raids. So going forward we decided to establish a guild that caters to all of the above.

We would like to offer a friendly, fun, and safe space where no one feels left out, where we can talk to each other, and officers are approachable and helpful.

None of us fancies pugging raids or M+ very much, where the social aspect is completely lost, which is why we aim to raid together, do dungeons of all sorts together and participate in fun events as a tight-knit guild rather than some random strangers online.

Raiding and what we offer

Going forward, we would like to clear every tier on heroic, raiding twice a week. Our progress so far is 8/8 Normal and 7/8 Heroic. Our raid times are:

• Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 to 22:30 (Server Time)
• As we are a casual guild, we don’t take ourselves too seriously and know that wipes will happen, but we still want to maintain focus during progression. Our raid atmosphere is laid back, fun and respectful. We don’t do name-calling, nor do we give up when a boss seems to be more stubborn than we like. Eventually, they will fall, so we might as well have fun in the process
• We run M+ on a regular basis to help with the gearing process and socialise with each other or just have a good laugh, depending on the key…

What we are looking for

• Veterans and beginners alike, everyone is welcome
• Raiders, M+ enthusiasts and social players, regardless of your goals in game
• Laid back, friendly and somewhat mature players with a sense of humour
• Currently we are looking for a few more DPS players to join our ranks!

How to get in touch

If you would like to join us and become part of a friendly casual guild, we would love to have a chat with you on our Discord server to give you the opportunity to check us out and the other way around.

Feel free to contact one of our officers for a chat on Discord:

Spirit: Spirit#1192

Metzly: VRX#3144

Neraya: Moopy#7255

Thetrain: Discord: ReV0h#2517

Saferino: ELhondro#0705

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We already found a few really friendly and laid back people to join us. Still recruiting for the raid, especially a healer and a few more DPS.

We are still looking for a healer and a few more DPS to join our ranks. Non-raiders are always welcome too for M+ or a few laughs on Discord.

We did 8/8N and 2/8HC in our first week raiding as a fresh guild.

Still need a few friendly chatty people to join our funhouse and make progress a bit smoother than it already is.

We are still looking for a healer and a few more DPS to join our ranks. Non-raiders are always welcome too for M+ or a few laughs on Discord.

Between all the laughs and casual banter on discord we managed to hit 5/8HC on our second week doing heroic.

We’re still looking for more people to join in on the fun, mainly one extra healer and maybe a couple of dps! Gogo apply!

Just joined Sudden Wipe a few days ago. They are a relax bunch of people having lots of laughs while raiding.

We need some more pewpew to help us jump over the 5/8HC bump! Where are all those awesome DPS at?

Come join the awesomeness (and also join the laughter pointed at our hunter for dying in the most dumb ways!)

Ps: we have cookies

We are currently 6/8 HC, so there are Broodkeeper and Razageth to go! :sweat_smile:

Our raid team so far is great and we are having a blast in VOTI and M+ together. We could still do with a few more DPS though, to make life a bit easier and give our 3 awesome healers something to do. Honestly, they are really good and could do with more lost souls needing to be patched up. :sunglasses:

We got some new dps applications and this made us get 7/8HC, only Raz left now!

As we’re trying to bolster our ranks we’re still looking for a couple of dps players, come join the fun!

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