[H] Cat on Keyboard

We are looking for more friendly, helpful people! All levels and all classes are welcome!

We are a social guild by a council of 4 focusing on dungeon runs; lowbie all the way to mythic + and we are almost ready for normal raids. if you are a new player, uncertain of your class, clumsy and anxious about group content? Come join us!

We aim to provide a safe, casual, non-toxic environment where the person is valued more than their skill.

Although we may laugh if you have a tendency to pull trash or fall off ledges. and if you have fallen off Oribos, you will immediately gain hero-status.

UPDATE: We have started to dip our paws into raiding on Saturday nights and we are slowly but steadily working our way through normal.

Recruitment Contacts:
Sebrof#2368 / Maax#21244 / AspieSavage#2895 / Paul: Smudge#2772

Disclaimer: Clearly I’m a guild member, so bring an inherent interest.

As I think many have, I’ve returned to WoW during the pandemic, after many years away. I looked to play the game solo as I didn’t want to encounter the negativity from some other players that we know exist in the game. I joined CoK (erm…maybe I won’t abbreviate it again) a few weeks ago as the advert in /chat resonated with me. I’ve enjoyed every second so far, and members line up to help those who need it. I’ve been able to relearn healing (and some tanking) in a non-judgemental environment and we’re pushing Mythics quicker than I thought I might experience.

There’s a lovely balance between giving up personal time in the game to help guild members and pushing the content experience. No-one’s gear is more important than any other’s, and indeed, everyone’s gear is less important than player welfare. I feel confident I’ve made the right decision, and look forward to what Cat on Keyboard can achieve.


Hear hear!

I have never really been involved in guilds before (have just solo’d stuff in the past) but I wanted to dip a toe in higher level content and figured you couldn’t really do mythics and raiding easily without being part of a guild.

Cat on Keyboard’s recruitment advert sounded like it would be a way to explore that content in an easy-going, low pressure environment. I didn’t have very high hopes, since I’ve been playing WoW on-and-off for over a decade and have got a little jaded about in-game toxicity as a result…! But I’ve been amazed at how this guild is genuinely a friendly place to be.

The attitude of everyone is so positive and supportive. I’m so pleased to have joined. It’s opened up a whole new side to WoW that I’ve never really been exposed to before :slight_smile: