[H] <catJAM> 4/10M 2 Day Raiding Guild

First raid tonight! Sill time for you to join us if you apply now. Still looking for ranged dps and a healer. We would consider a ret pally as well

Cleared 7/10nm on our first raid. Looking to clear it tonight. Still recruiting healers and ranged dps!

We are now 2/10 Heroic. Good result from our first weekend raiding together. We havea great group of chill people, just looking for a healer and a few more ranged to close out our roster

5/10 heroic as we go into the Christmas break, looking for a healer and potentially a few ranged. As always socials or anyone looking for m+ are very welcome to join.

Recruiting ranged dps and healers!

Still on the lookout for a healer! come join us

Back to normal raid schedule now. Looking for a healer to join us!

Hello. I just came back to the game after more than 1 year off.
I’m not good at WoW plus as i said i stopped playing for a long time but i’m always willing to learn and progress.
I think i will be more on the social side of the guild because as of now, because of my skill and trying to learn the game again i will not be suited for M+, maybe that will come with time.

I’m looking for a place/guild that i can call home, just chilling and having fun and hopefuly make new friends.

If that’s possible i would love to join.

9/10 heroic after our first raid back from Xmas break. Recruiting dps with high prio on a Ret and all ranged.

Looking for a ret or ranged dps ( with off heal would be nice). We getting ready to smash into mythic, come join us

We ready to kill Denathrius and move into mythic. On the lookout for any ranged dps, off spec healing would be nice, would consider a melee with preference on ret pally. As always socials are very welcome, we now do a normal run on Wednesdays for socials and alt’s. M+ runs going on most days.

We are now 2-10 Mythic! Great raid tonight. Still on the looking for a healer and any ranged dps, may consider an unholy dk

Still looking for healers, ranged dps and a DK dps.

On the look out for a healer, ranged DPS and a DK DPS ready to help us down Hungering and push further into mythic.

Hungering on 9% looking for a healer (pref Shaman or non Priest healer) and some good dps.

catJAM 4/10m, looking for DK dps.

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