-H- CE Guild -Extreme Synergy- Recruiting Tarren Mill

Extreme Synergy, a Mythic raiding guild with a focus on achieving Cutting Edge (CE) in every new raid tier. We are currently 8/9 in Mythic Amirdrassil, and our main roster is dedicated to maintaining this standard of success.

As a two-night raiding guild, we understand the value of time and the need for a balanced approach to progression. Our goal is to clear the most challenging content while fostering a fun and relaxed gaming atmosphere.

Join us in our journey to tackle the most challenging raid content World of Warcraft has to offer! For more information or to get in touch with our officers and guild master, you can find us on Discord: ekuj, fonics94, and livieon.


Wednesday (Optional day for Normal / Heroic) 20:30 - 11:30 ST

Thursday (Mythic) 20:30 - 11:30 ST

Sunday (Mythic) 20:30 - 11:30 ST

Monday is End of tier push for CE (Mythic) 20:30 - 11:30 ST

We look forward to welcoming you to Extreme Synergy!

If interested, please apply at: