[H] <Chill> dentarg/tarremill is recruting 7/9M


<Chill-Dentarg / tarrenmill> we are an English speaking Guild who is currently looking for more players. We currently have 7 / 9Mythic. and press to take the Cutting Edge. we raid Mondays 19-23 & Thursdays 19-23. We are in need of 1 tank 2 healer and a couple of Range dps. Do you have any questions do not hesitate to Contact me, either on FB here to me or add one of our officers


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415 Mw monk. 1,9k io. Is interested :slight_smile: u can contact me: bramdewijs#2970



Ive added you on Bnet, but thought id drop in here too.

I am interested in a tank spot. I can and will play any tank class as required.

Please get in touch if youd like to discuss things with me.


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