[H] <Chronicles> is recruiting

< Chronicles > is recruiting.

Experienced leadership and core from Northdale/Lightbringer/Nostalrius and old Vanilla.
We have once again created a great community that will last until the end of Vanilla and will enjoy all aspects of the game.

What you can expect from us:

When it comes to raiding, the goal is to waste as little time as possible thanks to exceptional performance. We have lead many guilds before, and got them from server launch to clearing Naxxramas. The main raid team speedruns content. We also have a second raid team that clears content fast, where alts are welcome.
Announcements and Raid Sign-ups are done via discord and assignments/loot are handled via spreadsheets.

Current clear times:
Raid 1: 40 minutes MC

Raid Times: Wednesday/Tuesdy 19:30-00:00 (ServerTime)
Raid 1 raiding Wednesday
Raid 2 raiding Sunday

We have 2 raid days but note that most of the time, we will only be raiding 1 day per week (Wednesday). Even after AQ launch, we will be clearing AQ+BWL+MC on the same raid night.

Loot system: Loot Council


Raid 1

  • Fury Warrior (90+ percentile performance)

Raid 2

  • Tank
  • Warlock
  • Hunter

Social spots also available via application or someone vouching for you.
Raid spots are competitive, so any exceptional applications will be considered, regardless of class.

If you wish to be part of a strong guild from the start until the end, contact us on discord:
discord gg PU2U4M

or in-game: Teferian, Dracullina

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