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Clockwork Orange is a mature guild who likes to have fun and overcome challenges. We are recruiting people for Shadowlands.

Preferably we need more Ranged and Healers, but other are welcome too.
We raid on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 20:00 - 23:00 Server time
(subject to change)

The calendar in-game is used for the sign-ups
Flasks/ Food/ Repairs is provided each raid.

We are a casual yet determined raid team willing to progress.
We understand that Real-life goes before all else and respect that.

We have a Discord server and u need to be at least listening when we raid

As for Addons DBM is a must since it is really helpful with raiding.
People who don’t raid are also very welcome to join our guild,

we also like to do M+Keystones, achievements, PVP, dungeons, quests,…

If u are interested u can send me a mail in-game to Rage-Ghostlands or our Guild Leader Savoire-Ghostlands or reply on this post.

See you on the battlefield !

Hey Rage.

Are you still looking for new members?
I am interested in getting into higher M+ dungeons and Raiding and am looking for a good group of people to do that with.
Have played windwalker main since Pandaria and would like to learn brewmaster.


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