[H] <Clown Wagon> [Naxx 12/15] Recruiting

< Clown Wagon > is looking for active players of the following classes to join our raid team:

  • Resto Shaman
  • Fury Warrior
  • Mage

If your class is not listed but you feel you could play a part in our team then do not hesitate to apply. Skilled players will always be considered.

Our guild offers a lively raiding environment with a community that consists of experienced and dedicated players. We strive to be competitive and clear all content in an efficient manner while challenging and helping each other to improve. All current content on farm. Main focus on improving our clear times every lockout. Current progress is Naxx 8/15 in 1 night.

[Raid Schedule]
Monday and Wednesday (main) and Thursday (optional) at 21:00-23:00 server time. 20 man raids (idol runs) are organized where needed.

We value active and motivated players with a positive mindset focused on progression.

As a raider in Clown Wagon, you’re expected to have a thorough understanding of your class and be self-managing when it comes to raid preparation. We expect you to be punctual, attend raids consistently and to communicate early when unable to do so.

You are eager to learn in order to improve and committed to perform at your best each raid.

[Contact Details]
If you share these values and are looking for an entertaining guild to be part of long term, put on a happy face and have a chat with us in-game or on Discord.

Ingame: Mzork / Highground / Stormchief / Nizerai / Treason
Discord: HighGround#4856 / Stormchief#9339 / Dr_Jolley#1996 / Nizerai#4428

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