[H] <Codex> Casual Raiding Guild LFM for progress!

Who are we
<Codex> is a casual raiding guild on the EU Ahn'Qiraj server that consists of a good group of people who like to have fun while playing wow. We always look to help each other out be it during a raid or completing weekly mythic or M+ dungeons, which has led to a very positive atmosphere for our members in the guild. Despite being a guild with a casual approach to raiding (2 days a week), we still expect our members to bring their A game as we feel that the content can easily be cleared raiding 2 days a week and that members just need to come to raids prepared in terms of reading up on tactics for boss fights and bringing the relevant flasks/potions/food buffs etc that are appropriate for their class. Codex will more often than not provide a feast and cauldron, though each member should be prepared as this isn’t always available.

What we try to make us different from other guilds is to make sure everyone feels home and doesn't feel pressure to raid and play a certain role. We want people to play the game because they enjoy it. We will work with what we have, we just want to create a nice atmosphere during raiding. However, if you sign up for the calendar event we expect you to be there! :)

Current Raid Progress
Uldir heroic - 8/8
Uldir mythic - 1/8

Raid Schedule
Wednesday – 8-11PM Server Time
Sunday – 8-11PM Server Time

We use Discord to communicate during raids and such expect all our members to have this installed and have a working mic. We also expect DBM to be installed for raiding.

Classes we need
Tanks – Closed
Healers – Open
Melee DPS - Open
Range DPS – Open

As always, any exceptional player will be considered so please contact one of the officers if you would like more information. So when a certain role is closed you can always approach us!

If you are interested if finding out more information about the guild or have any further questions, please contact one of the officers below to have a chat or you can contact our discord https://discord.gg/ak5kkYf:

Karite – Btag: SkyScore#2627
Itzy – Btag: Itzy#2995
Oväntad - Btag: Förgiftad#2579
Billi - Btag: Narayan#21296