[H] <Collaboration> recruiting last few spots

< Collaboration > is a newly formed raiding guild opening up recruitment for our remaining raid spots. We have already cleared all of Molten Core and Onyxia, first leading pugs and now as a mostly guild run.
Currently we are mainly looking for melee dps, both warriors and rogues, a shadow priest, 1 or 2 additional holy priests, and 1 more warlock. Exceptional applicants will always be considered, regardless of class, however.

We are not a hardcore guild, and understand that real life comes before the game, but exactly for that reason, we want to make sure that when we do play, we play as well as we possibly can, and always strive to improve.
As we are a 2 day raiding guild (more on that later), our goals are to be able to clear the content fast enough to not have any problems getting through all the raids every week as they come out. So that means a certain level of speedclearing, though we are not aiming for anything crazy like sub 20 min MC runs off the bat.

As a potential raider in the guild, we expect that you
-Are able to maintain a high attendance
-Research your class and know your build/how to play
-Bring at least the minimum of consumables to raid
-Are always interested in improving and performing your best

Our raiding days are Wednesday and Sunday, from 19:30-23:00, with invites going out starting at 19:00 and world buffs being popped around 19:20 when any are up.
Our loot distribution is Loot Council, with a set council and several raiders rotating into the council every week to make sure we keep a fair council going.

If any of this caught your interest, feel free to contact any officer ingame; Calder, Raavi, Theferalone or Incredibilys, or join our discord and give us a call: discord.gg/y9E2uD7

Bump, still looking for a few guys to fill in for a steady core, Spriest, resto shaman, warlock. Exceptional players will always be considered.
This weeks MC raidlogs are up if you wanna have a look at our progression.