[H] <Confusion> 11 year old Community Driven Raiding Guild Recruiting Warlocks


  • Warlock DPS
  • Select other DPS

Core Raid times:
Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00
Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00

Bonus Raid Times:
Monday - 20:00 - 23:00 (alt run / optional day)

About the Guild

Vault of the Incarnates Normal: 8/8
Vault of the Incarnates Heroic: 8/8
Vault of the Incarnates Mythic: 2/8

AOTC Focused Guild but will always step into Mythic when/if we want to :+1:

  • Confusion has been around since I created it around 2012 and we have still got some of the core members since then. I created it with my brother who still raids from time to time. Over the years many of us have met up IRL and we still have a community discord with all our ex-members where we play lots of games other than WoW. We’re definitely a guild who is there for its members first and then for the results.


  • I’ve always ran my guild as my own definition of ‘casual’ where we get results but have fun doing it. We’ve reached AotC every tier and we’ve had fun doing it throughout. We don’t want to be a guild who aren’t willing to have a laugh while raiding and enjoy the content in a relaxed manner.
  • We are understanding of the modern world where people might not necessarily be around for every raid and turn up exactly on time. If something comes up, we’re totally understanding. We’re here for the members of the guild not really the output.
  • We also don’t mind if you want to join us and just focus on casual or mythic + content and look to join a couple raids here and there, you may not be able to join the progress raids but we’ll always try to fit you in wherever and whenever possible!


  • I’m happy to share our raid logs and any other information on request, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Like I said, most people within the guild are really here for the atmosphere and have raided at far higher levels. It’s the kind of guild where people leave to go farm mythic and the very next expansion or tier they ask to come back because they miss the fun we bring.

We’re currently focusing on re-clearing Heroic while doing a few bosses on Mythic. We’ll also be looking at running our seasonal Meta Achievement soon so be sure to join quickly for that. :slight_smile:

We also run M+ constantly so if you’re into that :eyes: .

Feel free to come chat with me and I’m also happy for you to come join a raid with us and see how it is before joining :slight_smile: We’re super friendly and always happy to help out.

For more info please Contact Hilly#21904

Hey dude, i have added you on Bnet, if you got time for a chat the coming week


We’re Looking for Warlocks and select DPS now! Be quick to join for Heroic re-clear, Mythic bosses, and a Meta achieve run! <3

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