[H] <consanguineus> 8/8 BWL Recruiting

Consanguineus is a top performing raiding guild on Mirage Raceway - Horde. We aim to clear content effectively while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. Both MC and BWL were cleared on our first attempt.

Raiding schedule:

Every Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 server time.

Loot system:

DKP with a small weekly decay to permit new recruits to catch up and to discourage hoarding. In a few specific cases (e.g. Thunderfury) we use a loot council to prioritize gear that benefits the whole raid.

What we want from you:

We are looking for active, skilled players with a solid understanding of their class. You need to be able to speak English and install Discord. We expect raiders to enchant their gear, bring appropriate consumables and consistently attend raids or otherwise inform us of their absence in advance.

What you can expect from us:

The guild runs a relaxed but competent and supportive raid environment with no negativity. We operate a guild bank stocked by donations and compensated with small limited weekly DKP bonus. Officers are active and available, along with a group of master crafters for your needs. Casual and alt raids are organized weekly.

Raid team vacancies:

1x Mage
1x Rogue
1x Warlock
1x Resto Shaman / Holy Priest / Resto Druid





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