[H] <Corpulent> is Recruiting

8/8 BWL
10/10 Molten Core
1/1 Onyxia

Are looking for some players is recruiting Rshamans, priests, a druid, a warlock and a hunter to fill our dedicated raid roster.

We’re currently especially looking for:

  • Rshaman
  • Priests
  • Druid (1)
  • Warlock (1)
  • DPS Warrior (1)
  • Hunter (1)
    Any exceptional players are always welcome.

Raid days:
Extra days during progression. Aim to raid on only one day.
Thursday/Wednesday progression raid 19:30 - 23:00 server time. (clear MC/Onyxia)
Main raid Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 server time (BWL)

We try to raid with full consumeables (except flasks) and worldbuffs and we always try to get a DM tribute run done before raid-nights.
During progression we may expect some extra effort (time-wise and consumable-wise).

Contact us on discord or in-game
In game

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