<H> Critz & Giggles LF raiders to fill roster for Battle of Dazar'alor (8/8 HC)


Hello everyone!

Critz & Giggles are welcoming one and all who are seeking a home for BfA :).

Who are we?

C&G has been established on magtheridon around the end of Legion. Our goal in BfA is and has been to provide for everybody who’s willing to join, a laid back raiding environment with stress free raiding days, where people don’t have to be afraid of making a mistake and where we try to help every member to get to their best potential when playing their class.

What do we offer?

Like been said before, we provide a laid back raiding experience with raiding days beeing WED/SUN from 20.30 ST untill 23.00 ST.

We also organise a mythic monday where we try to push as many keys as possible, and try to get everybody involved to atleast have that sweet sweet cache on reset! But don’t worry, we try to do m+ runs every night!

We also have transmog fridays where we run those good ol’ raids to get those pieces you need to finalise that transmog you’ve always wanted!

What are we looking for?

For raiding purpose, we’re mostly looking for ranged and melee dps at this moment. Having a tank or healing offspec is a bonus :)!

Socials are also welcome if they want to be in good company whilst playing the game ^^!

If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to add me on bnet (Alao#2312) or whisper either Alao, Deathlink, Avin or Eothiel.

Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,


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Hello Alao, social warrior here would like to join a raid team :fist:. Can do any spec.


Still searching for more people to join us :)!

Feel free to whisper or add me on bnet!

Kind regards,



Still looking for both melee and ranged dps to flesh out our roster some more! Having a healing or tank offspec is a plus, but definitely not a must :slight_smile:

Feel free to whisper either Alao or me (Entia#2800) if you’re interested or have any questions!

Hope to see you soon!

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