[H] <Curve> 9/12M, 12/12H is recruiting for SL!

Curve is a mature HC raiding guild.

Our aim is quite simply to get Ahead of the Curve each tier, at a decent pace. This tier (8.3) we’ve also dipped into M in a very casual way. We plan to repeat this into Castle Nathria!

Our Progress:

  • NYA 12/12 HC (AotC), 9/12M
  • EP 8/8HC (AotC)
  • CoS 2/2 HC (AotC)
  • BoD 9/9 HC (AotC)

We are a fun and friendly raiding environment with a wide variety of players.
We’re currently looking for like-minded people to expand our raid team. Socials welcome as well.

Recruitment: We are looking for any friendly and hard-working and flexible players to join our ranks to push into Mythic for 8.3 and into Shadowlands!
Anyone capable of playing multiple specs is a massive bonus.
Open to anyone with or without experience as long as you are willing to learn and adapt to the raid environment.
Ideally we ask for ilvl around current progress but we want the player, not the class.

That said, we are particularly interested in recruiting:

  • Warlock
  • Rogue

Progress raid 21:00-23:30 Weds and Mon, with our farm raid being 21:00-23:30 Sun.
We expect all raiders to be fully gemmed and enchanted, and to bring enough consumables (flasks, food, pots, runes for progress).
We expect all players to have good knowledge of their specific class or spec, as well as the mechanics of each fight.

Required addons:

DBM or Bigwigs for timers
Exorsus Raid Tools for notes

We tend to use TeamSpeak3 for voice comms, and have a discord server for more general socialising.

For contact add any officer to have a talk for more information.

  • Shivers#2630
  • Vladimir#25780
  • NeoNebulosa#2789
  • HappyRogue#21655

hi, im currently not very happy in my current guild mostly due to lack of active players and mindset.
im 26y old and my main is warr fury/arms atm and prob will be in sl aswell but im planning to have 3-4 chars at pretty much the same area. ive mythic raided in legion alittle and now in bfa but im actually looking forward to SL if i can find the right fun guild that can actually progress to the later half of the raid. i just want more likeminded people to play with because atm i have to pug most of my m+ wich i truly hate. otherwise im a chill kinda quiet guy who likes to help out and do stuff together. if u want to know anything else just contact me thanks

Gorryior / maxi

Hi mate,

If you message anyone who’s online they’ll be able to chuck you an invite - once you’re in an officer will catch you for a chat!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

9/12M now, We’re recruiting DPS and Offspecs for shadowlands.

Still recruiting for SL! Find us in-game or message add an officer on bnet for a chat!

Recruiting for SL to maintain our momentum into M Castle Nathria.

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