[H] <DA KULT> Casual Raiding - Russian speaking

We are a tight-knit, community-driven russian-speaking guild, offering a pleasant, supportive atmosphere in which new or returning players can experience the game.

In vanilla WoW, the guild played on the Frostwhisper EU server, and many players from that time gathered again to kill raid bosses at a leisurely pace, win in PvP and meet for a beer in Moscow and other cities.

We are not a hardcore guild and want to level and quest together, dungeon or raid together, battleground or arena together, and just enjoy everything this game has to offer. Usually guildies are glad to help you with quests, crafts or against the gank, do dungeons without whining. The only requirement is not to be a toxic person.

Main chunk of our guildies are still levelling so you could easily catch up even with the new character. We are planning to raid casually 1 or 2 times per week (starting at about 22:00 Moscow time) once we have enough raiders.

If you are interested in casual yet steady progress, please feel free to whisper one of us in-game (type /who da kult) to ask any questions or visit discord.gg/pVYY3PK. If you’re looking for a guild that will support without expectation, and guildies you can get to know, then apply right away!