[H] <Dalaran Side> HC social raiding on Stormscale recruiting now!

After clearing out the last pack of demons you turn as a gigantic doom lord suddenly appears out of the water. It takes a second to jog your memory but this is a beast who cannot be forgotten – faced on the Broken Shore and thought defeated, Krosus has returned! With no other choice your leader announces the charge – and you and your companions storm! As you are dodging attacks it becomes apparent Krosus will aim a beam of fel energy down one side of the bridge. He lifts his arm up and back, your team mates panic, screaming, shouting ‘Left!’ ‘Right!’ ‘Over here!’ Bodies scramble over each other trying to get away, though it appears no one knows their right from their left. The beam fires, and with it go half of your team.

As the dust settles and Krosus begins to lift his arm again your leader cries ‘Fine you idiots – DALARAN SIDE!’

About us:
Welcome to Dalaran Side. Our history is long and arduous, we have been around since 2009, first created as Awakened, an Alliance guild on Chamber of Aspects. Our aim was to be a 10-man focused social raiding guild, with a strong social aspect but still challenging ourselves to clear current content. We are now a Horde guild residing on the Stormscale realm. We re-evaluated how the guild was progressing in BFA and came to the conclusion that we’d like more activity and the potential to be more, which was not likely to happen on our current server. Most of the guild moved with us, as we have had the same base team for the last seven years or so.

Our aim is stil the same – to have fun while raiding (our decision to rename to Dalaran Side is ALL about the fun) while clearing the latest content. We do encourage general joking around, vulgar language and inappropriate jokes, as long as it doesn’t deliberately offend. This means we do have quite a dark side to us.

We have members who push for more, doing high Mythic+ keys and Mythic content, and others who will run older raids for mogs and achievements. We also have a few members who enjoy PvP.

Dalaran Side is quite an active guild, we have built many friendships and play various other games together, I guarantee you will find someone who will be playing whatever you are. We have also hosted six successful guild meet ups (Covid got in the way of the seventh!) and plan to continue these in the years to come.

Raiding details:
We raid two nights a week, Sunday and Monday, 2045 - 2300 realm time.

10/10 CN HC
10/10 CN NM

In previous expansions we have cleared all HC content.

We are looking for all DPS classes and a healer or two.

We are currently recruiting for raiding members and social members. For a raiding or social spot please apply via requesting to join our Facebook group - Dalaran Side FB page , or just get in touch with one of our Officer team ingame or via Bnet:

GM - Rienku - Halvier#2231
Officer - Pineapple - Zingzilla#2945
Officer - Stormstalker - Daelian#2301
Officer - Saydge - Sage#1124
Officer - Dezzle – Dezward#2341

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!

Im looking for a new home and this sounds interesting. Ill probably contact you later for a chat