[H] <Dark Wolves> Casual, Friendly Normal/Heroic Raiding; Levelling; M+ - LFM

Our guild was established April 2007, with the same guild leader for the majority of that time. We adhere to a “real life comes first” policy and welcome adults (18+) who just want to enjoy playing the game with fellow guild-mates, or simply want a home for their time in WoW.

We run raids twice a week, Wednesday and Friday evenings, working through normal and then heroic versions of raids (currently 9/10 HC Nathria). We aim to be an inclusive, not exclusive guild - if you are willing and able (ie, you have the gear requirements for) content, then you’re welcome to come along. We have no attendance requirements - you don’t have to attend a certain number of raids, or have to be a certain rank; you don’t have to name a “main” and then only raid with that character, we simply ask that, if you sign up, you turn up, on time, and for the duration of the raid.

We are open for applications from both raiders and non-raiders.

We also have a progressing and fairly active M+ scene - we have members who organise low, casual keys to help teach those newer to Mythics, or who just want to do lower levels, along with members who push higher. We are also home to the author of the website https://keystone.guru/, recently covered by both Icyveins and Wowhead - our members having helped with mapping and checking of routes, etc for the site.

We are currently also looking for more members interested in taking part in Mythic+, especially one or two tanks, aiming to run 10-16+ keystones and pushing beyond.

For more information, please see our realm forum post:

Or you can visit our website https://www.darkwolves.eu/ for more information and to apply.

We are currently working our way through Normal Sanctum - 8/10. I know that doesn’t sound very progressive compared to a lot of these super duper guilds … but on the plus side it does mean that we don’t run out of stuff to do very often :stuck_out_tongue:

We are looking for more raiders - especially one or two regular tanks. No experience required, just a willingness to have a go and the ability to turn up and be there for the full duration (obviously barring the usual exceptions such as cats stuck in bins, kids throwing up on the carpet or a tree falling on your house - this has happened twice now to different raiders!!!)

We are also looking for an additional healer or two … especially for those interested in pushing into higher M+ - we currently have plenty doing 12-14 range, some higher, looking for healers to go to 15 and beyond.

Had a good work through tonight, finished off Normal and cleared the first two in heroic, so we’re now 2/10 HC.

We’re looking for another tank who is interested in raiding - no experience necessary, we’re happy to teach and help gear up (although being max level will help :stuck_out_tongue: ) - we just ask that they’re willing to learn and be happy to be part of a social group who happen to raid. If it turns out they enjoy running M+ as well, that’s an added bonus.

We are also still looking for a healer interested in joining to run M+ at the 13-15 level initially, with a view to pushing higher. If any healers would like to try us out prior to committing, they’re welcome to join our discord: https://discord.gg/gQ2uBGe - just mention that you’re looking to join some M+ and we should be able to organise something :slight_smile:

Now 3/10 heroic. Happy to review applications from anyone, at any level, with any interests. We recruit the person, not the pixel.

We do have specific space for raid level tanks (or those who aspire to be!) and M+ healers at around the 13-15 level, with a view to going higher.

Up to 4/10 Heroic now. We’ve also got fairly regular M+ and Torghast groups going, and occasionally a fun PvP evening (completely relaxed with no expectations!).

Looking for all roles.

Especially for those who would like to raid on a Friday evening (Friday’s are currently Normal runs with the potential to switch later).