[H] Dead Is Better (Wed/Sun) [2/8M]

Dead Is Better is a raiding guild with a friendly and a social attitude towards progression. Our main goal each tier is to get Ahead of the Curve and progress through mythic, while having fun.

In Uldir, we achieved that goal. Now we are looking to expand our roster, to progress in Battle of Dazar'alor!

We have a core of players that have been playing together since the beginning of Legion and a few people that have been around since the guild was first created back in Wrath. We are always happy to welcome new members to our group of friends.

Outside of raiding we have an active community where many of our guildies group up to play with each other. Activities such as: Mythic+, other games and PvP.

We don’t recruit specific classes for our raids, as our raiders enjoyment always comes first. As we do lack specific roles for our raids, we are looking for the following:

  • DPS
  • Healer (preferably not priest, but if you're an exceptional priest, we are flexible)
  • DPS with Tank OS

Raid schedule

  • Wednesday 8PM - 11PM
  • Sunday 8PM-11PM

For more info, do not hesitate to add me on battlenet:

or whisper any member of the guild and they will point you to our discord server.
Updated the roles that we recruit for
Updated the raid days
Updated the roles that we recruit for.
Hey, Ive been playing wow since BC on and off but have just got back into playing again after 2 years, im looking for a semi-casual guild to help with progression for myself and the guild, look foward to hearing back from you.
Updated the role priorities and the healer class
Updated the roles that we recruit for. More ranged please!

Updated the guild progress.

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Updated the list of roles that we need in the guild