H <deathwish> recruiting - top horde guild at gandling

High-end raiding guild is recruiting for core raid! Clear AQ40 + BWL + MC in 1 night and have time for real life! Currently 42min AQ, 25min BWL

A mentality to always improve. Engineering 300/300 Full world buffs Full consumes (Flask exempted apart from when notified)

What Are We Looking For?
Raid 1
1-2 Warlock
1-2 Mages
1 Hunter if exceptional
1 Warrior if exceptional
1 Shaman if exceptional

Raid 2
Exceptional players of all classes, except tanks.

Raid Schedule raid 1: Sundays @ 19:00 ~ AQ40, BWL, MC in 1 Night
Raid Schedule raid 2: Tuesday @ 19:00
discord / nkD6Rv2

Why should you join us?
We offer an environment where members will be expected to give their best and continuously improve over time, we love to help each other out offer a great community even outside raids. Most of our current membership have been playing for years among private servers with great experience and knowledge. We aim to pick a competitive spot in the top at Gandling and will be trying our hardest to do so.

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