[H] Deceit recruiting! (Draenor)

[H] Deceit recruiting! (Draenor)

Deceit is a newly formed PVE guild looking for more members to build up our roster. As of now we are mostly preparing for Shadowlands and 8.3, but we do mythic plus keys to get our weeklys in. We aim for at least curve every tier and continue mythic raiding when we’ve ensured each raider has gotten their curve. Mythic plus keys we are pushing to get at least +10 in chest, and as we go along push even further.

We have no set raid days yet, because we want to allow the raiders to have an input on what fits best.

Any class and spec is welcome, and we will help bring up alts up to speed both level wise and item level wise.

For contact or more questions either reply here or reach out to us on discord!


Kekla: idiosyncratic#6758

Hexiboi: Hex (Kai)#0996


Kekla: LionKeyla#2663

Hexiboi: Kaii#21729