[H] DH LF raiding guild/team


Hi there!,

As the title says im looking for a social/semi hardcore raiding team, preferably a guild/team that have done 8/8 HC, Ideally raiding 2 days per week. Im currently on Kazzak and would prefer to stay there but can move if the guild is on one of the higher population servers. i dont have a problem with the guild being on a diffrent server and getting a invinte to the raid on raiding days. (Would ofcourse move if i get a good feeling about the guild for the next teir)

i just recently started to play again after a small break, i got AOTC from Jaina and i have previous CE experience,

At the moment i have 437 ilvl on my Demon hunter but i run m+ as often as i can,

if this sounds interesting or if u have any question please message me ingame on Verahyn or add my Btag: Boss#24885