[H] <DiE> is recruiting


Guild Name: DiE - Death In Excess
Region: EU
Language: English
Faction: Horde
Realm: Razorgore
Loot policy: /Roll in MC/ONY (MT will be prioritized). DKP starting BWL (Not confirmed)
Raiding schedule, twice a week (server time)
Wednesday or Thursday 20:00-23:00
Sunday or Monday 20:00-23:00
(You do not have to attend if you dont want to)

DiE is recruiting more members for raiding. We are a tight group of players that raided all Vanilla content. Our goal is to create a compact community for raiding two days a week. All nationalities welcome. To fit in perfectly to the guild you just need to be a good person and like to enjoy the game with others.

What we can offer is a guild with a healthy atmosphere that is certain to provide you with a friendly and fun game experience!


Currently open for most viable classes and specs. High priority on DPS. Little more detailed view below.


Got 2 stable Tanks


Druid (high priority)
Shaman (high priority)
Priest (full)


Mage (need 1-3)
Rogue (high priority)
Warrior (need 1-3)
Warlock (high priority)
Hunter (Need 1-2)

For more information please contact any of the following ingame: Perry, Clia, Borknakir or Sok
Discord: Contact here or ingame first

We need a couple more so we dont need to bring any randoms.
And if you want to attend a raid pre joining guild we could sort that out.


Still looking!