[H] [Doomhammer] 4+ friends looking for a home

So myself and a few friends transferred from Draenor - horrible log in times when new content is out!
We are a hunter/Druid, a DH/Hunter, Retri Paladin, Shaman, and an alt-aholic plus a few possible socials.

We are looking for a Heroic raiding guild that raids only on weekdays, we cant raid weekends.

Looking for a chill, friendly group of people who also like to do keys, PvP and anything else really! We have already gotten Curve, either have or working towards our all mythic 15 dungeons in time.

We are all over the age of 18 - some a lot over ^^

If you think we’d fit, pop me a DM on discord Emo #2201 or in game Emo#2614 :slight_smile:


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