[H] [Draenor] 209 Healer <looking for guild>

Heya, healer main here. I play more or less since the classic release and switched to alliance druid bfa ( Ny’alotha). There I raided 5/10 mythic and pushed keys ~20. For SL I was going to play shaman or hpriest for raiding on horde side. But from the beginning the shaman playstyle didn’t suit me that well. So I went with hpriest going for 5/10 hc in castle. Raiding was going great but keys was a struggle to get any invites. Because of that i switched back to druid.

Since a lot of guilds search for other healers than druid, I am willing to play holy priest for Raiding also.

From there on it was/is a struggle to find a guild that needs a healer. Last guild I ‘tried’, told me they need a healer badly. I signed up and tried to raid with them, just to find out they already have 4, wanting someone for the bench. Something like that is fine. But I want a fixed healer spot (or at least the chance to work for one) not getting benched and ‘lied’ to from the beginning.

Since doing alot of keys i am used to ‘not getting hit by mechanics’ and try to get max hps and the least damage taken, on the details meters. Focusing on positioning and awarness leads to me staying alive longer and dying less then most healers I raided with. Also I like to min-max, leading to me not having the huge ilevel but knowing what stats i need and making the best of my gear.

I look for a set spot in a raiding team. I have no problem with starting from 0/10 hc or continue at 7/10. The aim should be to get a 20 man raid team up and running and try out mythic. I don’t expect us to go 10/10 but at least i want to go as far as we can.


  • 205 Resto Druid / 209 HPriest with 7/10 HC castle
  • Active with a high degree of awareness, self reflection
  • Always prepared (Alch, ench alts)
  • Willing to learn, improve and ‘used’ to wipes
  • Loves running keys and battlegrounds
  • Looking for a set healer spot in a raiding team
  • hc go for mythic

Hey there! You might be a perfect match for our little guild! We’re also on Draenor and recruiting for m+ in hopes to start raiding in the future (hopefully ready for when the new raid comes out)

Please feel free to read about us and get in touch! We’d love to hear from you :smiley:

Appreciate the offer, but i want to raid this tier.

Hey There!
Disciples is currently on the hunt for a final healer to fill its team! We’re currently 1/10M and you could be a great fit!
Add me on tag Vanq#2404 or discord Hoterino#6305 to chat!

Hi, I replied to you on my guild (Bloody Miracle) thread but in case you don’t see it, i’ll write here too. We are still looking for a healer but since you didn’t leave any contact on you here, add me on bnet Mimi#21825 and we can talk.

didn’t saw your post but i added you on battlenet

Hi there Vewas,

Our guild has just finished our second week of raiding and our currently sitting at 9/10 HC.

We are currently on the lookout for a healer or two to join our roster. Below is our guild advert :slight_smile:

[Without A Doubt]

About us:
We are a guild that is currently in the process of rebuilding from the ground up after a long break for BFA.

Our Aim:
To have multiple teams running mythic pluses and to clear at least Heroic each tier.

What We Have:

  • Our current raid leader / guild master has Cutting Edge experience with current Mythic experience (2/10 CN)
  • Our current raid team have cleared 9/10 CN Heroic.
  • We have multiple people pushing keystone 15 at this time.
  • Steady 2 day raid schedule. Thursday / Sunday 21:00 - 23:00 Server Time.
  • We have a helpful and friendly attitude towards our members.

What We Want:
We are currently looking for the following to fill out our roster:
1-2 x Healer
4-5 x DPS

All Classes - in particular Shaman Healer!

All classes / roles for social events.

What to do Next:
Add me on Discord: Gamerthyrst#1702
Add me on BattleNet: Thyrst#2635

Hi Vewas,

I can see you have a lot of experience on the healing side of things and we would welcome someone with your attitude and desire to progress.

Please have a read of our post and if it interests you, please add me on battle net. Psykick06#2401

Hello Friend,
If you are still looking for a place to call home and progress, feel free to add me on Discord Willathor#4243 to have a chat of what I can offer you!
Hopefully speak to you soon.