[H] Draenor 476 Prot Warr LF a mythic raiding guild

Hey y’all

Who am I?
I’ve been playing WoW since 2012. I love the game and have some mythic raiding exp. In the early parts of the expansion, i had to give a break to the game (around 8.1) and now i’m a returning player and started to play like two months ago. After catching up with the rest and enjoying BFA, I’ve decided that it’s time for go a bit harder. My current progression is 1/12 M since i had to pug it. I know what to do and how to play, I’m totally mindful of how mythic progress works and willing to give all I have when we try to progress. I’m pretty much active throughout the day and love doing m+.

What i’m looking for?
I’m looking for a mythic raiding guild that is looking for a tank or an off-tank that helps the main tank.
My main problem here is, most of the teams already got a core group which contains tanks, so it’s a bit hard for me to find a raiding team as a tank.

What I can offer?
I’m a currently studying in University, which means most of the time I can play without having any work that interferes. I care about my guild mates so I’d like to help with socials to run mythic dungeons or gearing alts etc. I’m always available to join discord for fun chat and will be in discord while raiding or running m+.

You can hit me (Tankzalot) in game all the time, if i’m not on, you can mail me if u want. Other than in-game, you can find me on
b. net: Noan#2476
discord: Numan#6977

Have a nice day,
Thanks for your attention fellas.

Downtime are looking for more raiders to join our mythic team. We are currently 4/12 Mythic having only started raiding a couple of weeks ago. We are currently recruiting all roles at the minute.

Our raid days are Wednesday & Friday 8-11 server time. We do a full clear of hc on a Saturday too.

The Raid Leader is 8/12m so brings experience and knowledge to guide us through.

The guild has a strong community of social members doing outside raid activities like keys and pvp as well so the guild is active all the time not just raid times.

Any more info you require please feel free to add me on battle net to discuss at #skivi2922