[H] [Draenor] [EU] <Mostly Clueless> Social Raiding

Hey all!

Mostly Clueless is a Horde guild based on Draenor, and we consist of a casual group of players whom are currently progressing through normal raids (10/10), heroic (1/10) and maybe someday even mythic difficulties, as well as high m+ keystones; but with the emphasis on real life coming first (family, work etc…).

Our only requirements are that you’re 18+, speak English have a good sense of humor and can connect to our Discord for raids (you don’t have to speak), or simply to join in with guild activities whilst on voice comms.

Prior raiding experience is preferred, though not necessary. A few of us have recently returned to WoW and are re-learning the game, as well as taking our time to enjoy the new expansion and what it has to offer.

We’re currently looking to recruit ranged DPS and healers, though will consider tanks for m+ runs, or to step in when a tank for a raid is required.

Current Raid Schedule:
Weekends - Subject to availability, and flexible

Ping me in Bnet (DKReaper#2381) or Discord (DK-Reaper#8273) for a chat.