[H] Draenor <Hey Nice Marmot> [SFO 11/11HC] Adult, chilled out, raiding/m+/social guild

Our Main Raid Team Recruitment is CLOSED. We are still recruiting social members for our social raid runs, m+ and other shannanegans.

"Love Drama and toxicity? Do you like being screamed at by 16 year olds for being late or missing a raid day? Looking for the best PvE and PvP guild? A guild with the most competent mythic raiders and hardcore PvPers ready and willing to carry and teach you their secrets? Well, we’re not that guild, but if you want a group of laid-back dudes and dudettes who like pizza, beer and smokes then this may be the guild for you!”

Established in 2020 Hey Nice Marmot is an adult, chilled, AOTC guild based on Horde EU-Draenor. We have built our community away from the usual toxicity, drama, bs and hostility other guilds and group finder have to offer. We have a great, friendly, and interesting bunch of people aged between 20 and bus pass from throughout the UK, EU and further afield with varying amounts of skill and experience. Some of our members have played since vanilla, some have only found wow more recently and everything in between. Most of our members have busy real lives with jobs and children and so we understand that real life stuff happens and comes first.

Our overall goal is to build a great community of like-minded people to enjoy the game together and experience the range of content wow has to offer whether that be raiding, m+, leveling, mount/ach/transmog runs and everything else in between.


We have a core 2 day a week raid team who have and will continue to achieve AOTC every tier. We are all about having a chilled-out vibe, we are not after the meta, the best parses or an intense raiding environment – just a good group of people that can raid together, have a laugh and get the content done. Once we hit Curve we plan to have the current raid on farm and dabble in some mythic bosses but nothing too serious.

Once established in the tier we will also have a secondary raid run for social members, alts, and those who want to experience the raid at a slightly slower pace, a safe space to build skills and an environment with less pressure of the damage and heal checks of main core progression raids.

Current Raiding Schedule:

MAIN RAID: WED/THUR 2030-2300 Server Time.

SOCIAL/ALT RAID: MON 2030-2300 Server Time.


We love running m+ and pushing each other’s keys. There are toons and players in the guild at all key levels; those starting out on their m+ journey learning what mobs to interrupt and what mobs blow you off the platform, those looking to achieve ksm every tier and those pushing +20’s

Keys are run in the guild daily and we also put on some events and welcome all to build knowledge, experience and have a laugh in a chilled environment.


We also enjoy leveling, world quests, doing mount runs, dungeon and raid meta-achievements and some light pvp. We also have an active discord.



Socials welcome for social/alt runs, m+, ach stuff and other cool shenanigans :slight_smile:

If we sound like your cup of tea or white russian and you want more info add me for a chat:

Discord: JWills#5213

Bnet: JWills#21524

Or whisper an officer

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Marmots headed for curve :slight_smile:

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We are still recruiting like minded plays for all content. Although we are not recruiting for our current main team (SFO HC) we are recruiting for Season 4.

Our social/alt raid team has just been started up again (lf dps). We also run m+ daily and have other guild events going on weekly…

Marmots are ahead of the curve !
We are still doing alt/social HC, daily M+ and other random marmot stuff :slight_smile:

really awesome job on curve guys. cant wait to run again on alts

Now prepping for Season 4
Recruiting DPS for our main raid team, M+ and other goings on.
Socials also welcome :slight_smile:

Added for a chat on discord. Though I will be probs just make a char on Draenor as I’d like to join as a social/casual for M+ and other events. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the marmots :slight_smile:

Post has been updated to reflect current recruitment for our main raid team for Season 4.

Shadow Priest
Elemental Sham
Balance Druid


Socials are also welcome for social alt runs, m+, ach stuff and other shenanigans :slight_smile:

Clean kill on jailer with the social runs. S4 here we come

Still looking for like-minded people to fill our final dps spots for our Main Raid team.

Socials also welcome for our social/alt raids, m+, ach runs and other goings on :slight_smile:

Seems just like the place for me for Dragonflight.

Our main team is full but still recruiting socials and for social raid team