(h) Draenor LF Guild (raiding/m+)

Hey all, looking for guild (horde) Draenor with: a lot of fun, possibillity to run M+, max 2 days of raiding (curve). Searching for a mature and stable guild. Please let me know :slight_smile:

Who are we?

Scavengers is a (8/8 HC) Guild that was just about to transition into mythic when we lost most of our members to burning out now some of us are back from our break and looking forward to build a team for mythic TEP and a team for future content.


Scavengers has an active discord where people do content outside of the raids and play other games together as a community.

How is it during raids?

We like to banter and meme, but we are more serious during boss fights to get the things done.

When do we raid?

We raid Thyrs & Sun from 20:30 to 23:00 server time (CET).

We are looking mostly for specific classes. These classes are listed below. But any class/spec application is still welcome, as officers will look at the application none the less.
We do accept socials and alts, to also join in on alt runs and have a good time!

Death Knight *[DPS: High
Demon Hunter [DPS: Closed | Tank: Closed]
Druid [DPS: High | Tank: closed | Healer: High]
Hunter [DPS: High]
Mage [DPS: High]
Monk [DPS: High | Tank: Closed | Healer: open]
Paladin [DPS: High | Tank: closed| Healer: open]
Priest [DPS: Medium | Healer: open]
Rogue [DPS: high]
Shaman [DPS: Medium | Healer: open]
Warlock [DPS: High]
Warrior [DPS: High | Tank: closed

Interested? Whisper Jahychan or Fhiala in Game!
Or add me on Battlenet: notyourfault#21908

Hiya :smile:

Well I would hope we could promise a lot of fun but I may be biased. I’m from Strange Loop on Draenor. We do run a lot of m+, I’d say there’s groups running almost every day either afternoons or evenings. So lotsa opportunities to join those. Also had guys running TW this week if that’s your jam :slight_smile:

In terms of raiding though we are not at curve. Strange Loop formed only about 2months back as a reroll guild to build a community for new or returning players. As such we had our first day in EP recently and were happy to get 4/8 norm on our first day :smile: We only plan to raid for 2hours, Saturdays 2100 gametime, as we’re more about fun than hardcore progress.

If you’re interested let me know, my bnet is #Desiderata2592 :blush: