[H] Draenor - LF like-minded people/guild

Hello there,

TLDR; well, if you can’t be bothered to read this you’re not the person/guild i’m looking for…

First a bit about myself: i’m a long time WoW player, had my peak in TBC and Wrath, stopped playing for years after that and came back when Legion launched. I’ve raided a bit in legion and BFA but never found a guild i can truely call home…i’ve been looking for a place like that for quite some time now.

I’m (35) young enough to still be playing videogames, but also old enough to realise it’s only pixels and that whatever you achieve in a game usually has zero value once you turn off the pc. Because of that reason i want a guild that invests in the person behind the character they play…

  • My perfect guild would consist of the bare minimum of people you would need to get a guild off the ground, so somewhere around 10 to 15’ish players. This gives each person a chance to get to know eachother, and also means that if somebody can’t make it to the raid we don’t have to cancel.
  • Because of that, i have zero interest in M+ raiding. I would love to see the fights/story Blizzard has to offer, but i don’t need the e-peen of clearing the highest difficulty.
  • I would also love for the members to have a genuine interest in the other members. Be active on Discord for example, talk to eachother outside of the game as well, heck even play other games together. I’m also a big sucker for oldskool forum topics like “show your gaming setup” and “show your car” and stuff like that.
  • Perfect raid times/days would consist of weekdays with the exception of tuesday. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 raid days would be ideal.
  • Members should speak/type decent English and be talkative! I can’t stress this enough, i don’t care much about what you’ve achieved in this game over the years, i do care about how your day went (for example).
  • I’ve played this game hardcore in TBC/Wrath. Minmaxing and theorycrafting and doing everything that was needed to reach the highest possible DPS. While i still enjoy this to some extent, i don’t want to play the game like that anymore. I want people to be able to play a spec they enjoy, even if it’s not the highest rated spec at this moment in time. That said, i do expect members to carry their weight and have a little bit of a clue what they’re doing.

I’m either looking for an existing guild with a laid back attitude, described above, or people that would like to help me build one from scratch. The last option could take some time…but i’m in it for the long run and i don’t mind if it takes weeks or even months to find the right people…

If anybody wants a talk, jump into the discord channel i’ve created at discord.gg/xhMG66j

*update : I’m in talks with a guild that might fit the above description. If you like what you read above, still hop onto my discord and i can get you in touch with them :wink:

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I think I have the answer for you:

Let us know if you are interested!

Hey, just letting you know the discord link has expired. Any chance we might get a new one?

Tooth and Fang> EU - Draenor - Horde

Guild Status: Semi-Casual

Looking for a friendly, encouraging guild to join? Well Tooth and Fang may be what you’re looking for. We welcome raiders, M+'s and socials to come and join our pack!

About Us
Tooth and Fang was founded in 2017 as a guild building a family friendly atmosphere. Since then we have grown where we have 2 raiding teams, a semi-serious for progression and experienced players and a casual for alts and those looking to take their first steps into the raiding world.
Regular M+ runs are encouraged and actively sort within our discord and guild chat.

With SL on the horizon we are recruiting more like minded people to come and join the chat and events the guild has to offer. Interested in raiding? We are looking for more dps to join the ranks. All are welcome. Interested? Well come and have a chat and we look forward to meeting you.

Discord info https://discord.gg/KJAWssb Feel free to share our discord link !

T & F