[H] [Draenor] Looking for a new home!

Hey, two from Draenor horde here.

So like many others we’re here in search of a guild to head in to Shadowlands with!

Hoping to find a relaxed and fun group of people to push as far as possible when it comes to raiding. We’re very much interested in M+ too and would love to push keys as high as we can. We play Druid (Guardian and Boomy) and Lock (Affliction and Demo) and can be flexible with roles. We have prior raiding experience spanning various expansions, most recently AotC and some Mythic progession so would love to continue along those lines.

Due to real life stuffs (bleh) the days we can raid areThursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

If you would like to have a chat or ask anything then please feel free to add Kailya#21400 and Immy#2289 and we’d be happy to talk!

Hello Aurelliea.

We at Faster than lag might be what you are looking for (We are however on Ragnaros). We are currently looking for a tank and dps. We aim to clear every raid to curve standard and if we have enough interest we will venture into mythic raiding. We will be focused with the time we have to get bosses down in HC.

We are a weekend guild raiding friday and saturday from 20:00-23:00. The both of you can read more about us here:

If both of you are interested or have any questions then please add LFC#21212 for a chat :slight_smile:

Best regards Raelona