[H] [Draenor] Looking for guild


I’m currently searching for a pve guild, focused on mythic if possible.

Little about me: I’ve been sailing the Seven Seas in WoW and did some raiding there but I returned to BfA and want to do mythic content.

I’m playing disc/shadow, I’ll be honest, currently I’m a trash player in my logs but I’m always striving for improvement and I love gearing up, I love the challenge that mythic raiding offers and I’d like to do it.
I’m a weeb but I won’t push my ideals onto anyone, I’m mostly listening to the raid leader during raids, not talking too much, kinda shy, I’m male FYI and I’d like to join a friendly, not elitist but critcis are welcome, mythic raiding guild.

I love progression raiding and I don’t mind the wipes, boss will go down sooner or later but the real challenge is progression and learning more and more as possible and finally slaying that piece of trash.

P.S. I’m searching for friendly, progression, mythic raiding guild that’s not elitist.

You can find me on:
Discord- Hannabi#5129
Battle.net- ShinyPikachu#21984

More active on Discord especially during night time.