Omnius Gaming a multi-gaming organisation that has established a home in the world of Azeroth.

Quick background of Omnius Gaming, the organisation has teams in multiple platforms such as - CSGO, Overwatch, Dota2 and League of Legends - check it out here - omnius-gaming. com

Omnius WoW was established back in Legion and quickly made strides into Mythic raiding, after calling a break and pause to further raiding most of the members went on to get Cutting Edge in other guilds. Now that we are back together and gained a lot of experience we are fully committed to making Omnius a successful guild for all content in the near future. The guild was founded on the fundamentals of being goal-driven, and focused on achieving our goals in a reasonable time frame, while still being a friendly environment to raid in.

It has become clear to us as senior players of the game that, a guild is not only formed around it’s raid progress, or it’s past achievements but its brotherhood that is formed among it’s members. We would like to invite you to become part of this community that we are trying to establish. Whilst also becoming a strong raiding guild who strives to push each other to perform better, and helping each other become better players.

Right now we will focus on building a strong core group of players to get our foot into the door, we are in no rush to, hence we have not given ourselves extreme goals but rather to get like minded individuals to build this great guild together.

We encourage our players to enjoy other games with us as well, you will always find a bunch of us on Discord either playing wow, or any other game together.

Our immediate goals:

• Raid Heroic every week
• Hand pick recruit guys with similar mindset to us

Our Long-term goals:

• Become a Mythic raiding guild once again and push for CE each tier even if it comes down to the last week - (around 8.2)
• Possibly add another raiding day (depending on how the guild develops)

What we’re looking for:

• Currently we are open to anyone that feels like it’s time to be part of a guild that is a little more than just “oh it’s raid night let me login”

• If you feel like you don’t want to play your main this week, well that’s fine bring a geared alt to the raid - we will have minimum requirements here (again not a boosting service)

• Please know which buttons to press in the correct order, this is not a charity boosting guild, you need to carry your own weight

• Please don’t be a snowflake, we throw banter around, it’s not personal :slight_smile:


Two main runs - Wednesday, Sunday- 20:00 - 23:00

If you are interested in applying, feel free to contact one of our officers

Guild Master/Healing Officer - Soujiro - oblivion#2293
Tank officer and 2ic to GM - Doc - DocNgin@2188
DPS Officer - Testo - Nikkep#21107


We are f’ing great bunch of guys looking for more great guys or gals to kick butt and have fun while doing it!

[H] 411 Holy/Disc/Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding/Mythic+ guild
H | BM Hunter LF Guild
[H] 2 Healers LF guild!

No restrictions on recruits


Still have a few spots left in each role, act now :slight_smile:


Our numbers are filling up fast,

Still need:
2x Healer ( Priest, Shaman, Paladin)
1x Tank

Any DPS can still apply.

Come and be part of our brotherhood!

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