[H] [Draenor] Priest (Disc Main / Off Shadow) LF 2-3 Day CE Guild [Found Guild, Closing]


Hi all,

What I offer:

-Main: Disc Priest. Although I am also happy to play Shadow.

-Multiclass: Also have some HC ready alts and I am happy to play different roles.

-Experience: 10/10 HC 2/10 M.

-Active player that likes to do M+s and PvP with guildies.

-Growth mentality: I will study my class, look at logs and try to do better on every pull.

-Attendance: I will make it 99% of days and be there 15 min early.

What I am looking for:

-2/3 day raiding guild that is trying to achieve CE

-Active guild outside of raiding times. I like doing Arenas and M+ but I don’t like pugging, so I would like a place that is active and tries to do things as a team.

-Progress mentality. I am not obsessed with ranks. But would like a group of people that wants to improve and beat the raid at a reasonable pace.

-Mature atmosphere. I am a 28-year-old professional and I am looking for likeminded people.

Why I am changing guilds:

  1. My raiding team seems to be a bit more casual than what I was aiming for. They are great people and it’s been nice to play with them but I would like to step up my game.

  2. My current guild is not that active outside raid time, so I would like to find a place to do more Arenas/M+ with guildies.

If you are interested give me your Battle.net and I will reach out for a chat.



We are currently looking for a disc priest and would welcome to opportunity to talk more.

Please have a check of our post and let us know if it interests you.

Kind regards,

Hi mate,

Pulse Gaming are a guild located on Stormscale Horde currently 10/10 heroic/2/10M looking for a disc priest to add to the healing team, if you’re interested hit me up on WalkingDead#1179 and we can have a chat.

Hi both,

Thank you for the answers.

@Boodika, sorry at the moment I want to see if I join something a bit more stablished with a bit more progressed.

@Wrathzz, sorry at the time I am not interested in realm transfer.

Good luck to both with recruiting.

Add me for a chat trasherke#2226

Appreciate the reply.
Good luck in finding a guild.


Still looking for a guild!

Hey man. Just checking if daytime raiding might be something that could suit you? We’re on the hunt for a disc priest. We raid Wednesday/Thursday 12.45-1600ST. Current prog is 2/10 mythic. We’re previous CE in BOD and NYA. Our community has been around for 3 years so we’re a good bunch of mates looking to achieve big things this expansion. The guild is incredibly active outside of raid times, with members doing high M+, RBGs and arenas. DM me on discord if it’s something that would interest you man. Look forward to hearing from you.
Kikonez#4125 Peace :v:

Hey buddy, If you’re interested in progressing Mythic and don’t mind server transfer then our guild is currently looking for a disc priest. Information can be found here ([H][Kazzak] <Inmates> 6/10M Recruiting DPS + Healer)
We are 6/10M currently and raid 3 nights a week. Add me on Battlenet if interested - Cyndicate#21825

Found something already Thanks