[H-Draenor] Primevals | 2-Day Guild | DPS Wanted with Mythic Ambitions!

We have more slots for ranged DPS open!

We’ve got 1 more spot open for a ranged DPS, come and get it!

I would like to join!

am i too late to join? was progging from NA realms but because of time availability im willing to go back playing in Draenor. I’m 6/8 HC MM hunter progging from pugs in NA realms sadly.

Now back to recruitment! The bird boss is down and we will soon be hitting 3/8 mythic! Come join us for progression and see how far we can go!

Still more DPS spots available and an additional healer spot with Resto Druid Prio!

Primevals are now recruiting for 10.1 mythic progression! Apply or hit us up for more information!

Still got slots left! Come join us for 10.1 and have a great time!

Still spots left! 10.1 was announced earlier than expected, we accept returning players as well as newbies and veterans!

Primevals are still looking for qualified DPS players to join our ranks! Hit us up for a chat, or make your application through the form in the post!

Primevals is still seeking qualified DPS players to join our ranks! Feel free to reach out to us for a chat, or submit your application through the form in the post!

Season 2 is coming out soon, if you are still looking for a guild, hit us up for a chat!

Recruitment is still going on for Primevals! New raid, new goals, and we are missing some DPS for our roster, if you think you’re our next raider, come hit us up for a chat!

Still looking for more DPS to get the roster bolstered! Few slots left at this point!

Hi, I applied for the guild but haven’t received any feedback. Also, I added some of the discords but no response. Could you contact me? wowinmind#2288 in BNET, Lowsanity#7479 in Discord

Hello! I wrote you on discord just now! Busy weekend! :slight_smile:

10.1 is OUT and we’re still looking for a few members to join our ranks! Raiding starts next week already!

We are now looking specifically for more RANGED DPS!

First Raid tomorrow in Aberrus! Primevals are still recruiting a few more members to join our roster!

First raid was a blast! And we still have a few more open spots for DPS!