[H-Draenor] Primevals | 2-Day Guild | DPS Wanted with Mythic Ambitions!

Hi, i want to know more

Still got room for 2-3 more DPS to get the roster nice and large!

Still looking for more capable DPS players! Any and all are welcome to apply, not looking for specifics!

Progress is coming along nicely! We’ll get that curve in quick, and only need a few more members to start mythic progress consistently!

Hey, I’m interested in chatting with someone. I’m currently ele with resto offspec, happy to main either, working on enhance too

Still have room for 2-3 more DPS! Mythic progression will start soon enough!

I have added you! Let’s have a chat :slight_smile:

We’re still looking! Come join a happy bunch for some fun evenings!

Still got space for a few more for that consistent mythic roster! Any DPS is welcome to apply!

8% best pull on Sark! That AoTC is coming in next week. Come join us!

Another farm evening going great! Still have 2 more slots open for DPS players, if you’re interested and looking to dip your toes into mythic soon, come have a chat!

Curve achieved! Still looking for skilled players to head into mythic progress!

Mythic progress has officially begun! Still looking for highly capable players!

New week, new reset, new loot!
We got a few more trial spots opened this week!

Primevals are still looking for more capable DPS!

We are now 2/9 and started progressing on Amalgamation which should go down fast!

New trial spots are open yet again! Come have a chat. We are looking for DPS players to fill out the roster!

We are back on the recruitment train! Looking for DPS players again after a bit of a vacay period!

Break’s over, we’re back in the folly with new goals, and we’re looking for a handful more DPS to join the ranks!

Still taking a few more DPS slots! New seasons starts in 2 weeks everyone!