(H) Draenor Resto shaman 9/12 M

Resto shaman lf raiding guild on horde draenor. Have 9/12 M and 2.2 k rio.
Iam a 31 y old woman from Norway.
Been rading since Burning Crusade, raiding from WoTlK to thil now
I can be able to change server and if nessesary change to dps on another chr or healer.
You can find my chr on raider io and warcraftlogs.

Any questions add me on btagg Siwikenzia#2294

Have a Look.


I’m Cissi 32 year old woman from Sweden , GM of Artistic on Kazzak horde. If you are looking for a guild where you can feel as home and that’s your main priority in a guild beside having stable and progressminded leaders you are welcome to continue reading.

We are a new guild on Kazzak and our current progress is therefor only 3/12 Mythic. Me as a GM care more about the people I’m recruiting than their current progress. We have many returning players and most are around 30y/o.

I have been a GM and RL in earlier expansions but had a break from the game for a few years.

What we can offer is a social and friendly environment where we are helping eachother out. Focused Mythic raids and we raid 2 days/week. Wed+Sun 8.15-11.15 server time.

If it sounds interesting feel free to add me on discord: cinichan#9025