[H-Draenor] Shadows of Doom LF Rogue and Ranged DPS

Shadows of Doom guild on Draenor is focused on clearing all content in Shadowlands at a competitive rank on a 3 night, 9 hour a week schedule. We are aiming at being a CE guild, while maintaining a serious yet focused raid posture. Our goal is now set on finding additional players that can align with our goal of reaching and maintaining a top CE raiding guild.

Current progression:

10/10 CN HC (AoTC in January)

7/10 CN M

Current Needs

Exceptional Mage, Rogue, and a few melee.

All of our spots are competitive. If you feel that our atmosphere and environment are a good fit for your personality, and you can meet our expectations as as player, don’t hesitate to apply even if your class is not listed above.

Please note that you should be able to provide logs showcasing your performance so far this tier. We are looking for a player that has a proven history of excellent mechanical ability as well as exceptional damage when applicable. Our ideal candidate would be at least 10/10 HC and have an 80% average on non-progression fights.


8 PM to 11 PM server (CET)

Atmosphere and Environment

  • We are a guild focused on maintaining an atmosphere of constructive criticism. Our goal is to provide everybody with the information and feedback that they need to make necessary improvements on each fight as quickly as possible.
  • We do not maintain a giant bench of players. If you were recruited to raid you will raid 90% of the time.
  • We like to have fun and have a good time while raiding but our primary focus is on progression. If you are constantly making mistakes or not pulling your weight you will be benched with feedback as to why and how we expect you to improve before you are brought back in.

What We’re Looking For

  • Activity. We’re looking for people who are committed to improving their characters during the week through Mythic+ or other relevant content. Doing everything you can to make sure your character is competitive in raids is a baseline expectation. As an example for this tier, we would expect you to be at your maximum (or close to it) renown level, Appreciative with Ve’nari, and doing at least 4 Mythic+ dungeons to increase the chances of rewards from your Great Vault.
  • Attitude. We do not allow toxic behavior inside or outside of our raid. We are looking for people who can communicate with each other in a constructive and mature manner. Being open to well structured criticism and feedback is mandatory.
  • Performance. We are committed to our growth and future and are looking for players who are as interested in growing as we are. At the leadership level we are constantly looking for ways to improve not only as players, but as a guild, and expect the same mentality from our raiders. This means that you should be 100% familiar with your class, analyzing your logs, keeping up with the latest theory crafting information, and looking for ways to perform better each and every raid. The guild has a goal for its rank, you should have one for yourself.
  • We also maintain a very active and helpful Discord channel. It is there to use for bettering yourself as a player (and we have quite a bit of social interaction as well!).

If you feel you’d be a good fit for the guild, please add one of the following to Battle net or Discord for a quick chat.

Battle Net: Docmanhatan#1750
Discord: Docmanhatan#6118

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you!

Drop us a line and let’s chat!

Still looking for some more players for raid this evening and tomorrow!

Still in need of ranged DPS Specifically Mage and Hunter!

Still looking for a mage who wants to get after some Mythic progression and kills!

Looking for some more ranged DPS for our Mythic progression team!

Still actively looking for ranged DPS of all shapes and sizes :slight_smile:

Artificier Xy’mox down after just one night of progression! 6/10 Mythic now.

Still looking for more DPS for progression on Sludge/Council!

Prefer DH, Warrior and/or ranged!

Actively looking for Holy/Disc priest, Holy Pally, WW Monk a few ranged DPS!

Updated with new raid team requirements!

Still looking for a few folks

Still actively recruiting for 9.1 this week!