[H] [Draenor] Three players (myself included) LF a Heroic Raiding Guild for 10.2!


My friends and I are looking for a 2-night heroic raiding guild on Draenor. We all have past experience raiding at a heroic level. For myself, I haven’t raided since getting AOTC in Nathria and a bit of Sanctum of Domination, but shaking the dust off. My two friends have experience raiding heroic in this expansion (they have progressed aberrus and voti).

We would be preferrably 1 tank, 1 dps, and 1 healer. I would be playing ret pal/balance druid, and two friends would be playing a vengeance demon hunter and restoration shaman.

For those interested in our characters:
Torglite (my paladin)/Torgtellini (Druid)
Shamtasma (Shaman)
Veníem (Demon Hunter)

Feel free to pm me on discord: torgtellini
Thanks all!

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Could be ideal

Hi Torglite! Assuming you haven’t found a new home yet there is space for you and your friends at our guild The Reformed Horde. Feel free to reach out on discord by contacting me @Gristeh or on battlenet at Gristeh #2492